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//The Wire//1830Z April 3, 2024//




-International Events-

Taiwan: Several earthquakes struck the island yesterday, causing widespread damage. The most substantial earthquake registered a magnitude of 7.2, the largest recorded earthquake to strike the nation since 1999. Many of the nation’s roads have been destroyed due to mudslides, and many people have been reported missing. So far, the death toll has reached 9 fatalities, with around 1000 people injured. Up to 70 coal miners also reportedly became trapped in their mines as the earthquake hit. Almost immediately after the earthquake, Chinese PLA forces launched significant military operations in the Taiwan Strait, with 30 aircraft and 9 vessels being detected by ROC forces. AC: This was almost certainly to test the reaction time and capabilities of ROC forces during a crisis. Though China likely does not intend to invade Taiwan at this time, this disaster provided a valuable intelligence collection opportunity for China.

DPRK: Last night, North Korea successfully tested their new IRBM, the Hwasongpo-16B. The missile allegedly has a Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) and the missile successfully splashed down in the Sea of Japan.

Middle East: Israeli forces struck a convoy of the World Central Kitchen, allegedly targeting a Hamas fighter that was allegedly part of the convoy. 7 aid workers were killed in three separate strikes on the convoy. The World Central Kitchen was operating in an alleged ceasefire area, was traveling in marked vehicles identifiable from the air, and had deconflicted their movement with the IDF. Israel has stated that the attack was a mistake. AC: Following the strikes, the WCK has suspended all operations in Gaza. The World Central Kitchen was the second largest supplier of food aid to Gaza (after the UN). Almost 200 aid workers have been killed in airstrikes since this conflict began.


USA: Preparations for the April 8th solar eclipse continue as more regions declare states of emergency prior to the event. AC: The preparations for this event have caused many to wonder why this event is assessed to cause so many issues. Celestially, there are zero reasons as to why cellular outages, food and fuel shortages, or other catastrophic events should occur. Of course, many small towns throughout the United States will be overwhelmed with tourists and event participants, and local resources will likely be strained or oversaturated. However the lengths local authorities have gone to in order to prepare for this event have raised concerns. Severe weather conditions, which have the potential to harm life and limb have not resulted in as much preparation as this event has caused throughout the United States.


Analyst Comments: Last week, Russia vetoed the renewal of a UN continuing resolution to monitor DPRK’s adherence to sanctions with regards to their missile program. As the DPRK and Russia have become closer diplomatically following the war in Ukraine, it is likely that this relationship will grow stronger. Consequently, much more substantial development of North Korea’s missile program is likely over the next few years.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

In 1919, a total solar eclipse provided the proving ground for Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. During the eclipse, scientists were able to measure the effect the sun had on other stars. They discovered the sun’s mass indeed affected the gravitate other objects towards it. Einstein had correctly posited gravity and relativity, which launched the world into a new realm of understanding how things work.

Our Constitution was laid on the foundation of laws–God’s laws and natural laws. The Founders recognized that things work a certain way, humans tend to bend or break those laws, and the best form of government is one which provides the same guard rails and guidance God intends for the world.

There is a way things work. As we look at the upcoming frenzy in regard to the eclipse, we might scratch our heads in wonderment. What’s the big deal? Is something nefarious going on? What’s going to happen?

It looks to me that a convergence of natural laws (the eclipse is totally predictable), human nature (let’s all get together and make a party of it), economics (local governments can only cope with this many people if they tap the emergency funds), and religion (it’s a celestial omen), are coming together in a strange convergence on April 8.

None of this is coincidental, though, not in the purest sense of the word. Everything has a precursor and antecedents. Understand that the cross was planned at the beginning of time (Eph 1:3-5). Only God can work human will and determination into his perfect order. This is why Jesus’s perfect fulfillment of 456 prophecies is evidence of the truth of Scripture. Only God can read the fabric of the universe and explain everything in order.

The upcoming eclipse might be a major landmark in the history of humanity and creation. But it isn’t as major as Christ’s work of redemption. I don’t know what to expect on the 8th and after. I do know that it’s not out of God’s control. And I know he will give his children instruction and guidance if we’re listening. That’s why we trust in Him.

What are you guys doing on the 8th?