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//The Wire//2130Z May 29, 2024//




-International Events-

Far East: The Korean Peninsula has been active following several recent developments. Over the weekend, North Korea unsuccessfully attempted to launch a military satellite into orbit. The space vehicle broke up during the launch. Overnight, South Korean citizens observed hundreds of small balloons that were launched in North Korea’s border region, drifting into South Korea. Most of the balloons contained garbage, manure, or propaganda leaflets.


California: The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has issued a public warning regarding increasingly sophisticated crime tactics in the area. International crime organizations have exhibited more bold tactics, to include emplacing camouflaged surveillance equipment on private property. This tactic specifically is in reference to the arrest of four Columbians who were arrested after using this bold intelligence collection technique as part of expanding their theft network. This tactic was also allegedly used by a separate burglary ring which was recently discovered in Malibu.


Analyst Comments: In addition to increasingly more capable Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) tactics being used by everyone from routine thieves to foreign intelligence agencies over the past few years, more substantially violent encounters are being reported in the commission of crimes. This has been an unsurprising trend over the past few years, but continues to increase in severity and significance. This has been most clearly demonstrated via several viral incidents that have been observed around the U.S. this summer, in which the burglary victims were shot and/or attacked, even after complying with the thieves. As such, careful observation and situational awareness must be maintained in a time where no quarter is given by regular street criminals, with extreme violence being used in the commission of even the smallest crime.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

One of the reasons Angela and I conduct personal defense and firearm classes is because we started seeing the increase in violence and crime in our communities. Most people don’t begin considering defensive methods until their awareness of daily risk increases. We were a little more aware of conditions since we were often going to unfamiliar places with unfamiliar people as real estate agents.

In the process, we have had to work through many personal, emotional, mental, and spiritual realities in relation to personal defense. Space does not permit me to detail all that here. I will mention just one aspect that has been on my mind lately: life is precious. A protector values human life as a reflection of the person and character of God. It is infinitely valuable and worth protecting.

I cannot protect everyone, of course. I do not work in the role of public protector, either. So I have a commitment to protect my wife, my family, and myself. I believe that my family would be the worse without me, so for all your sakes, I have a duty to protect my own life. This is how my priority of life arranges itself.

Theologically, then, it is my recognition of the image of God in those whom I love that compels me to become a skilled defender and protector. This same theology energizes our commitment to help others do the same.

Inevitably, someone will ask, “well, what about the image of God in an assailant or attacker?” Yes, I recognize that as well, and pray to God that I never find myself in the position to take another’s life to protect those whom I love. My goal is always to break contact, even if that means appearing to be the coward. I believe, however, a criminal who threatens the life of another forfeits his own. This is a matter of justice. The dark reality is that even a justified use of deadly force has long-lasting, horrible consequences for the defender. Even so, I cannot sacrifice the life and value of the people I love for the sake of a comfortable life devoid of trials.

How do you wrestle through these matters in light of the increasing violence in our times? How do you understand your duties and morality when it comes to defense, protection, and the value of life?