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I apologize for the long hiatus for the Spiritual Preparedness Updates.  My method for creating these was quite time consuming.  In the midst of work, taking on new homestead projects, instructing, and family activities, I simply had to pause these updates.

I have a new distribution process now and hope that will streamline this process and allow me to return to daily updates.

Thanks for understanding!


Text Version of The Wire

//The Wire//2330Z May 28, 2024//




-International Events-

Middle East: International tensions remain high following the Egyptian border skirmish yesterday, as well as a high-profile strike resulting in many civilian casualties (CIVCAS) over the weekend. Israeli forces conducted a large airstrike on a tent-city encampment in Rafah, which resulted in approximately 40 casualties.

In the north Hamas and Hezbollah attacks continue along a wide front along the Lebanese border, as well as dotted throughout the countryside in the vicinity of West Bank, Gaza City, etc. Attacks from Hezbollah have steadily increased over the past few weeks in response to developing events in Gaza as well as the changing battlespace throughout the region.


New Mexico: An F-35 crashed in the vicinity of Albuquerque International Airport this afternoon. The aircraft crashed upon takeoff, with the debris field being located adjacent University Blvd SE, IVO grid: 13SCU5063375969. The pilot reportedly ejected safely before impact.


Analyst Comments: Originally the IDF claimed that the strike in Gaza didn’t happen, or happened in a different location, however Israeli PM Netanyahu directly contradicted these statements by stating the strike was a mistake. Allegedly, the large amount of CIVCAS was due to munitions causing a fuel tank to explode, owing to the large number of burn victims witnessed following the strike. As with the other high-profile, high-CIVCAS strikes observed so far in this conflict, it is not clear how Collateral Damage Estimation (CDE) methodology failed to identify and/or mitigate this potential CIVCAS, why Joint Desired Points of Impact (JDPIs) were placed danger-close to facilities that would have been visually identified with proper plume analysis, or why low-CDE munitions were apparently not used to conduct this strike.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

Going over the news reports, which admittedly are primarily from major sources (S2 Underground uses major sources to avoid dealing with objections and arguments questioning the validity of their reporting), eventually I got to the point of “it’s just more of the same.”

This made writing Spiritual Preparedness notes more challenging…what else can I say? Add to that constant rain while adding a dairy goat operation to our little homestead, and I simply have had to put these updates on the back burner.

A thought has been percolating, though, in the meantime. Isaiah prophesied to Judah and Israel 100 years before their exile began. He spent decades warning a people of something he would never see–and those he warned most likely would not see in their lifetime. He was never vindicated in his lifetime for telling the truth.

I discussed this the other night with a friend. Perhaps I become uncertain of my interpretation of the signs of our times. I get tired of staying vigilant as much as the next guy. And life goes on. While we see our society marching toward judgment and destruction, I still have to milk the goats and clean the coops. I still have to work, wash dishes, love my wife, and plan for next week.

The day-to-day activities are the blessings, I’ve discovered. They’re the stability. Many of these things are the mundane, the predictable. G.K. Chesterton wrote of such things as proof of God’s existence. The sun rises and sets everyday. The clockwork, predictable nature of the world is only possible because a God of order created laws and a way things work. He keeps them working as expected everyday. We can count on that. And so we can count on a consistent God.

He has given us prophecies and warnings so we know that when things go awry and topsy turvy, we can rely on a good God who has been faithful to provide a baseline of consistent, mundane predictability in our lives. We can take comfort in that. We can take pleasure, even that while we watch and pray about the end of days, we still have the day in and day out.