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//The Wire Weekly Rollup//March 3-9, 2024//


-International Events-

Red Sea/HOA: Kinetic actions continue as Houthi forces strike multiple vessels this week. The M/V TRUE CONFIDENCE was struck with at least one cruise missile, forcing the surviving crew to abandon ship in the Gulf of Aden. Three mariners were killed in the strike, and four others wounded. The survivors were rescued from their life rafts shortly after the strike by the Indian Navy.

Middle East: The United States has begun preparations for the creation of a temporary dock facility in Gaza, which will enable aid to be delivered more efficiently to Palestinians.

Northern Europe: NATO’s routine arctic exercise begins. OPN COLD RESPONSE has been renamed OPN NORDIC RESPONSE following the recent accession of Finland and Sweden into NATO. These exercises will involve around 90,000 soldiers and will continue until March 14th.


TX: The impact of recent wildfires in the panhandle have impacted beef prices following the destruction of 1.3 million acres of grazing land. Recovery efforts are underway to provide feed for the ranchers affected by the disaster. AC: Though the impact of the damage is still being assessed, the loss of substantial portions of grazing land is highly likely to continue to impact beef prices as almost 90% of the cattle in Texas are reared in the areas affected by wildfire.

Washington D.C. – The parent of a fallen service member was arrested after shouting at President Biden during the State of the Union address Thursday night. Following Biden’s remarks regarding the safety of Americans, Steve Nikoui shouted the words “ABBEY GATE!” before being arrested. AC: Steve Nikoui is the father of LCpl Kareem Nikoui, USMC, one of the 13 American service members killed by a suicide bomber at the Abbey Gate of Hamid Karzai International Airport during the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan in 2021.

NY: Approximately 750 armed National Guard soldiers have been deployed to the NYC subway system allegedly in response to the recent crime wave. Bag-search checkpoints have been established on the subway as well.


Analyst Comments: Following a palpable increase in demonstrations around the world, a larger trend is beginning to emerge that may serve as an indicator of unspoken sentiments throughout the United States: More people are beginning to lose the inhibitions that have historically resulted in a lack of motivation to act. In short, many people have had enough, and are transitioning into situations where they have nothing to lose, and all other means of protest and influence have been exhausted. Desperation is creeping in, as evidenced by everything from food insecurity statistics, to some of the more extreme forms of protest.

These indicators of increasing desperation are either completely ignored, or actively contributed to not just by actors at the nationstate level, but among large corporations, activist groups, and non-governmental political institutions. However, among the populace these ideas are quite clear and merely common sense and point to one main idea; care should be taken by authorities in the persecution of people who have nothing left to lose. Regardless of political ideology or culture, docility among a population is not permanent, nor is it even likely when true desperation becomes more common.

Of course, not much weight should be placed on a handful of recent events, nor should one’s own desires for change cloud the atmospherics of what the populace thinks and feels. However, at this point, the United States wakes up to horrifying news headlines that challenge the limits of human depravity…and this happens every single day. The positive outlook is that it is certain that the course of recent events is quite unsustainable, from the economic flimflammery at the strategic levels, down to the simple human interactions between citizens at the local level. As such, observing the small details in a world where the Overton window has slowly shifted, is already extremely important for moving forward in an increasingly deceptive world.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

The Overton Window is the body of issues or policies considered worth the time to discuss by politicians. It is a reflection of the issues being addressed by society at the time. Politicians may have particular issues they’d like to address. Unless those issues are considered to be in the Overton Window, however, they consider any discussion to be a waste of time and energy. Theoretically, politicians can’t move the Overton Window. They can only work within it.

This means that what we see and hear about in the news regarding bills and speeches and actions by various congressional bodies is a reflection of the overall sentiment and noise in the body politic. They make laws and proposals based on what people make noise about.

As you read The Wire and follow other news, consider it a reflection of the culture at large. That will give you a better insight into the overall cultural moves. However, it will not give you insight into the actual hearts of the people around you. The Overton Window is moved by the loudest, most frequent voices. This means that social media bots, sensational characters, and the highest-funded voices have the advantage to influence policy and public discourse.

At the same time, be aware that these shifts in public discourse affect those institutions we very much rely upon–education, employer policies, economics, and especially the first and second amendments. At times, I believe God calls us to speak truth into the public sphere in one way or another to shift the window and provide a means for God-fearing leaders to honor God in their work.

So family, where do you see the Overton Window today? What do you see in the public sphere today that you would’ve considered outrageous just a few years ago? And how does God call you to participate in the discussion in the role of a truth-speaker?