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//The Wire//1930Z March 7, 2024//




-International Events-

Red Sea/HOA: The Indian Navy rescued the surviving crew of the M/V TRUE CONFIDENCE following the successful Houthi missile strike yesterday. Three crew members were killed in the attack, with four others wounded. Three crew members are in critical condition due to severe burns. AC: These are the first fatalities reported onboard a civilian vessel as a result of Houthi strikes during the Red Sea Crisis.


NY: Substantial efforts are underway in New York City to allegedly reduce rampant crime. Approximately 750 armed National Guard soldiers have been deployed at strategic sites around the city, mostly to patrol and man checkpoints within the subway system. NYPD forces have also deployed security checkpoints to search the personal bags of subway travelers. AC: It is important to note that authorities have stated this deployment is not specifically for counterterrorism efforts or concerns, but rather to address the increase in standard street crime.


Analyst Comments: Though it is obvious almost to the point of not being worthy of mention, the efforts undertaken to have soldiers “police” high-crime areas in NYC are likely not intended to reduce crime, though having armed soldiers everywhere will certainly achieve this result. When examining the desires of political leadership, it is important to remember that New York has highly incentivized crime by a plethora of means; refusing to arrest criminals in the first place, refusal to charge suspects once arrested, reducing punishments for convicted criminals, and granting no-cash bail for repeat offenders. None of these laws and/or policies have changed, which suggests the heavy-handed response to crime is reactive, and likely not entirely intended to reduce crime. It is likely that this move is to both save face (and appear to do something without actually changing the laws that are the problem), and normalize the use of armed soldiers for domestic policing tasks, up to and including manning checkpoints and searching private citizens. As the election season ramps up, the normalization of militarization will be absolutely crucial.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

Our Founders were adamant that civilian life and military operations were to remain separate. We weren’t to have a standing military. And our defense was to be provided by a “well-regulated militia” that would be called upon when necessary. Rulers eventually leverage their forces to advance their power. Again, they recognized the bent toward sin in every human being and intended to curb that by limiting every politician’s access to force. (I don’t have direct references available. Much of this came from studying Bill Federer and David Barton.)

That’s the context in which I see the use of National Guard troops in New York subways. Rather than provide significant consequences for crimes, they utilize military forces to scrutinize citizens. By using National Guard, they’re forcing troops to become feared by their own neighbors in short order.

Here’s where our citizenship in heaven becomes practical. Recognizing that we are primarily citizens of heaven, the political and social atmosphere we’re in is clearly a foreign and strange reality. The sense that something is gravely wrong with this world is our clue that our hearts anticipate something far better and far different. Hanging on to that Godly citizenship puts this world into focus.

This also allows us to respond wisely in conversations, in public forums, politically, and personally. I don’t know how to bring light into the New York state and city government. I do pray that God demonstrates his glory by using a few faithful believers there to change these things.

Where do you guys sense tension between what you know is a Godly politic (social organization); and the current temporal politic you live in? How is that a clue to how God may call you to act?