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//The Wire//1730Z March 6, 2024//




-International Events-

Germany: Yesterday an arson attack on an electrical transmission line in Berlin left a large Tesla factory without power throughout the day. The far-left organization Vulkangruppe (Volcano Group) has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Red Sea/HOA: The M/V TRUE CONFIDENCE was struck by at least one Houthi cruise missile this morning attempting to transit the Gulf of Aden. Several crew members were reportedly wounded in the strike, and several crew members are unaccounted for. The vessel is sinking, and the crew has abandoned ship. The last reported position of the abandoned vessel is in the vicinity of grid 38PMU4628118677.


MI: Further details emerge following the explosions at the industrial complex in the vicinity of Groesbeck Highway in Detroit, indicating that a large collection of nitrous oxide and butane tanks were being illegally stored at the facility. Authorities have indicated the initial fire began at Select Distributors, a wholesale distributor of vaping supplies. This company also sells large tanks of nitrous oxide, which are frequently used as a recreational inhalant.

TX: The second and third order effects of recent wildfires are beginning to manifest as ranchers report the substantial destruction of cattle and grazing land. JBS has already reported the direct loss of several thousand head of cattle due to the fire, and substantial efforts are underway among ranchers to provide hay and alfalfa to those affected by the disaster.`


Analyst Comments: Though the fire damage throughout Texas is still being assessed, the loss of over a million acres of grazing land in Texas’s largest beef cattle region is likely to impact beef production in the form of higher prices. Over 85% of all cattle in Texas graze in the region affected by wildfire, which will likely result in even higher prices in an industry already negatively impacted by many different factors. According to the USDA’s National Agriculture Statistics Service, the U.S. national cattle supply is (as of January 1st) at its lowest level since 1951, with only 87.2 million heads of inventory.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

The Houthi attacks are disturbing, but almost background noise to us. Isn’t news supposed to help us make wise decisions? What can we make of these vessel attacks? I think, at least for now, we have to just keep a watchful eye. The biblical prophecies anticipate increasing and intense conflict in this region. Those conflicts coincide with increasing natural disasters worldwide.

Now there seems to have been conflict in the middle east and natural catastrophes worldwide for as long as history has been recorded. So how can we know if these events–the Houthi attacks and the fire in Texas–are those signs of the times? Time marches on and Jesus is returning in judgment. If these things weren’t happening, we’d have to say that scripture wasn’t from God. But are these part of the last days events? I don’t think we can say one way or the other, yet.

At the same time, the fires in Texas will affect meat prices nationwide. Not just beef. People will forego beef, and probably increase the demand for chicken and pork. The chicken and pork producers will have to raise their prices to control inventory and try and meet the demand. This means more people will have to eat salad. Or tofurkey. That’s a travesty in itself. 😉

Economics affect us spiritually. When we run into basic price challenges to provide for our families, we begin trying to process frustration and disgruntlement in ourselves and our household. God judged Israel for their ingratitude with a glut of meat followed by a plague when they maintained their ingratitude and entitlement (Numbers 11). This is one of the main reasons we advocate physical preparedness, rather than relying on the mass infrastructure, as much as possible. It’s also an opportunity to confront sinful responses such as ingratitude or entitlement. It wasn’t all that long ago that Laura Ingalls Wilder described her childhood excitement for things we consider staples these days in Little House on the Prairie.

How do you guys process the conflicts on the other side of the world while dealing with events that more directly affect us?