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//The Wire//1830Z March 5, 2024//





USA: Yesterday the FAA released an update regarding the six-week audit of Boeing’s manufacturing processes. So far, the audit has revealed “non-compliance issues in Boeing’s manufacturing process control, parts handling and storage, and product control”.

This morning, several cascading outages resulted in many internet services being offline. The outage, while lasting only about an hour, affected an extremely wide range of platforms and services. Facebook was the first ecosystem affected by the outage, along with their subsidiaries Instagram and Whatsapp. However, problems were reported among many other platforms and services almost immediately. So far, Google, Youtube, TikTok, Twitter/X, Snapchat, Zoom, Discord, Gmail, Cloudflare, and AWS all reported issues or total outages. Some telecom providers (such as T-Mobile, Verizon, Spectrum, FirstNet) also reported issues all at roughly the same time. No word yet on the cause of the outage.

MI: Substantial explosions have occurred at an industrial facility in the vicinity of 15 Mile Road and Groesbeck Highway in Fraser (Detroit) overnight. Several fatalities have been reported, including a 19-year-old located a quarter mile from the blast site, who was struck and killed by falling debris. The cause of the fire and explosions is not yet known.

AC: Due to the extremely kinetic nature of the explosions, much speculation abounds regarding the seat of the initial blast incident. As the area is heavily industrialized, the fire and explosions impacted a wide area, owing to conflicting reports as to which business was the origin of the initial incident.


Analyst Comments: Multiple outages or service interruptions of completely different systems, from ISPs to social media, being reported all at the same time on Super Tuesday is indicative of nefarious intent just based on timing alone. While no cause has officially been disclosed, operating under the assumption of nefarious intent would be a wise decision.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

When we see so many technology communities go offline at the same time, we realize the frailty of the infrastructure we depend on right now. Imagine if we had no means of reaching each other to even check in? Our only “source” would be God himself. My concern is that we all build a clean, clear, resilient connection to God. Jesus called it “abiding in him.”

The ten virgins in Matthew 25 (take a moment and read it again) all fell asleep. The bridegroom was delayed. Long waits are difficult to endure. We all fall asleep, check out, become unaware. Five of them were wise enough to prepare in advance. The other five thought they could travel light and avoid the burden of just-in-case. Likewise, Christ, our bridegroom has been long in his return. Wisdom would dictate preparing for a long delay as the events that precede his arrival unfold in these days. Those events are not pleasant.

Spiritually, wisdom would dictate a preparation of the spirit, soul, heart, and mind. The bridegroom told the five foolish virgins that he didn’t even know them. That’s the explanation of the purpose of the lamps–they signify a connection and intimacy with Jesus. The foolish presume that they have enough–and I fear that relying on “I became a Christian so I’m good with God” is foolishness. Aspiring to do what Jesus would do if he was in my shoes, that strikes me as wise. Jesus lived his life dependent on the Holy Spirit in a time with no digital communications. He did this by spending time with him so that he can hear him. He knew God’s history through scripture. We have to do the same. And spend time with others also seeking that sort of relationship.