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-International Events-

Haiti: Prime Minister Henry has resigned following the unrest of the past few days. This morning the U.S. announced the contribution of a $300 million package to a potential Kenyan-led peacekeeping intervention. It is unclear as to when (or if) this peacekeeping mission will begin deployment to Haiti.


USA: Yesterday a report published by the Government Accountability Office confirmed that video game companies are collaborating with federal agencies to identify and target “extremism”. The report also indicates that the end goals of this collaboration are unclear, and conducted without warrants due to the Terms of Service agreements acknowledged by users of all online gaming platforms.


Analyst Comments: It is highly likely that federal agencies are using terms of service violations to flag what they consider to be “extremist” behavior, which at this point is any idea that is not approved by the powers that be. Consequently, this shifting of the goalposts is a continuation of the crippling domestic spying environment that all Americans are already living in.

Regarding the deteriorating situation in Haiti, indicators are mounting suggesting the beginning of a mass exodus from Haiti. As the migrant crisis continues, it is likely that the United States will see an increase in illegal immigrants from Haiti following the latest escalation of violence. The specifics of how this migrant surge will manifest are unknown, however an easy observation to make is the potential for mass exodus from Haiti if the violence continues.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

I read portions of the GAO report regarding collaboration between intelligence agencies and gaming companies. It recognizes freedom of speech and acknowledges that people have the freedom to decry their government without being categorized as a domestic violent extremist.

The report is completely public–although one would has to look for it. I reserve an opinion or criticism of this part of the report.

With so many reports that range from mundane to sensational, we have to act like Bereans in all matters. The Bereans were lauded in scripture for investigating every apostolic teaching thoroughly in the scriptures (Acts 17). They didn’t accept any teaching for fact until they had studied it for themselves.

In the same way, to be numbered among those who understand the times (1 Chronicles 12:32) and were considered valuable advisors to King David, we should make it a habit to reserve opinion and action until we’ve thoroughly evaluated reports, perceptions, and predictions.

Critical thinking and a good understanding of logic proper are very valuable.

At the same time, be aware of normalcy bias–that natural tendency to think that if something seems exceedingly strange and outside of our normal daily life, it must be false. Many, many things we thought were true have been proven to be false and deceptive. We have a tendency to try and fit things into what we already believe we know, and reject anything else. We have to maintain the humility to admit that except for a small handful of truths (such as the deity of Christ, his death, burial, and resurrection, the reliability of scripture, and a few other bedrock truths), we have to hold everything else we believe with an open hand.

So what are your thoughts? How do you vet information and news these days?

The GAO report can be viewed at