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//The Wire//2230Z July 2, 2024//




-International Events-

Far East: North Korea has tested their newest ballistic missile, the Hwasongpho-11 Da-4.5. Two missiles were launched during the test, one of which appears to have suffered a failure at one of its early stages, according to South Korea. AC: Though the success of this test is uncertain, this is the first time the DPRK has tested this new platform, which North Korea claims is capable of carrying a “super large” 4.5 ton warhead.

Caribbean: Hurricane Beryl has strengthened to a Category 5 hurricane. So far, widespread damage has been reported in Grenada as the hurricane briefly made initial landfall. Further projections and forecast modeling at the moment predicts Hurricane Beryl will make final landfall on the eastern coast of Mexico, to possibly include parts of Texas.

Germany: An unidentified male conducted an acid attack in a café in Bochum on Sunday. So far, police have indicated that this may have been a targeted attack on one person at the café. However, as many as 14 people were either directly burned in the attack, or were otherwise involved or wounded. AC: Almost all details of the attack have been concealed by authorities at this time (which is typical of terror attacks throughout Europe), however the assailant was arrested shortly after the attack.


USA: Following the wake of various SCOTUS rulings, to include ruling in favor of President Trump with regards to his immunity from prosecution for official acts as President, violent rhetoric has become common on social media, mostly among various far-left activists (and many celebrities, journalists, pundits, etc).


Analyst Comments: Ordinarily, the violent rhetoric originating from mostly leftist groups would be not worthy of mention as the political far-left has been allowed to say such things on social media without repercussion for some time now. This textbook threatening language has evolved to the point of Leftist groups threatening a President, which normally is the most-forbidden topic that results in immediate investigation under normal circumstances. However, legalities aside, this does shift the baseline of acceptable social behavior to the point that pundits on mainstream media are either outright encouraging such violent rhetoric, or passively agreeing with it. Even though a tidal wave of violent rhetoric has become common in the digital sphere in the lead up to Presidential elections, shifting the goalposts to normalize increasingly violent rhetoric should be noted as it is a strong indicator of violent speech eventually becoming violent behavior. Right now, violent speech (despite the legalities) can generally be attributed to meaningless internet outrage. However it would be wise to remain aware of some of the more specific and widespread rhetoric, or threats that are made by groups well known to resort to violence; taking random threats on the internet seriously would be prudent just in case malign actors decide to make good on their threats.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

For the Fourth of July, I have included The Wire update from the 2nd. I want to address the comments on violent speech and the apparent increase in violence globally. I say “apparent” because I haven’t looked into actual statistics.

I’ll make reference to two videos you can review on your own.

I believe violence and threats to our physical wellbeing have increased. It appears the increase will continue. Our natural reaction is to stay clear of these things. We begin to only associate with people we consider “safe.” We become careful about our language and the thoughts we express. We avoid tense situations and conversations that might become heated.

Tucker Carlson was recently on Shawn Ryan’s show. He pointed out that as opposition and violence increase (he has the same perspective I’ve expressed), he’s noticed a significant increase in people discussing spiritual matters. People who would never have even thought about God now begin to seek him.

In episode 2 of season 4 of The Chosen, Jesus takes his followers to Philippi to a temple for Baal. There he changes Simon’s name to Peter. On the way, he expresses the reality that his work will bring division within families. He also declares his intent to overtake the gates of hell (that temple was believed to be one of the gates to hell. Perhaps it is.).

Tucker and Shawn also expressed their belief that we are in the midst of a heightened spiritual war. In the midst of this war, the enemy increases coordinated attacks on humanity. At the same time, we get to be a part of a great mustering of those who truly love and follow Jesus.

These are difficult times, especially for those of us who have lived our lives in relative ease and comfort. We cannot hide from danger. We must confront it. And with what? Jesus said that the world will know we are his disciples by our love (Jn 13:35). I’ve always seen that as an encouraging verse. Perhaps, though, it’s a warning. He commands us to love one another, and then warns us that it’ll make us stick out like a sore thumb to the world–and therefore to the enemy. Does Jesus want us to give up our position and let the enemy find us?

I think so. In defensive pistol shooting we learn that even when an attacker may be sending bullets our way, we have to stand tall, aim, and send well-placed shots. In martial arts, we learn to confront an attack with opposition. In Christianity, we learn that we face off evil with love and a trust in God. We should want them to see us, to find us, to point us out, and to hear the gospel. Our wins aren’t founded on shutting down anti-human, demonic theories. Nor is it found in stopping violent rhetoric. It’s found in a deliberate, intentional, visible, blatant expression of love specific to the situation.

That has to be our response to friends, family, and the culture. It will look different every time. Notice specifically that Jesus calls us to love one another. The unity and compassion and kindness between believers is the hallmark of counter-culture. So is praying for your enemy.

Great things happen when God-fearing people unite together. In 1776, a nation defined by Christian principles was founded with one document produced as a result of God-fearing men in discourse about the intolerable oppression they faced from their government. God is the same today as he was 248 years ago. He has charged us to overtake the gates of hell as an army exuding the love of Christ.

Tucker on Shawn Ryan’s Podcast

The Chosen

Season 4, Episode 2