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The Wire – February 28, 2024
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-International Events-

Europe: Yesterday the breakaway-Republic of Transnistria voted to formally request to become a protectorate of Russia. This region, a thin strip of diplomatically ambiguous land situated in the eastern part of Moldova along the Ukrainian border, has been host to sentiments similar to those of the now-occupied districts of the Donetsk in the complicatedly-described eastern region of Ukraine. Roughly 250,000 self-described ethnic Russians reside in this ambiguous breakaway region. This vote is largely the result of diplomatic and economic tensions with Moldova, which is one of Transnistria’s only trade partners.

Throughout the remainder of the continent, farmer protests continue. Demonstrations at the headquarters of the European Union in Brussels have become increasingly kinetic following the routine destruction of police barriers by demonstrators. Yesterday, an estimated 100,000 people protested against the EU’s climate agenda in Warsaw, and tens of thousands protested against the same in Madrid. Protests have expanded significantly over the past few weeks and now include almost every major western city between Wales and Greece.


Analyst Comments: Moldova’s actions so far in response to the events in Transnistria have not been clear. Limited reporting on social media has suggested military movements within Moldova, but just as with all open-source media currently, flashy videos of tanks-on-the-move are usually very common deception practices intended to drive engagement on social media. As such, while it is important to recognize the significance of the tensions in the region, it is challenging to determine what actions are being taken on the ground until more information sources become available. More generally, Russia has had a limited military presence within Transnistria for a few years, likely serving as Russia’s eyes and ears in the region.

As Sweden’s NATO membership is imminent, Russia could seek to muddy the waters by raising concerns of Transnistrian annexation. Though it is militarily unlikely, stoking the threats of Transnistria becoming another Donetsk would be a valuable propaganda tool useful to all sides.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

Hey Gang. God convicted me today about the command to Watch and Pray. Specifically–pray.

Continuing on the theme of watching and understanding the times, I realized that I wasn’t taking the word “pray” in its fullest sense. God is active in these events all over the world. We aren’t powerless to do anything about it–we have prayer, which means much more than asking God for stuff. It means we spiritually engage in the activities all over the world.

Just like the protesters in Europe making themselves heard to change the evil in their communities, we have the ability and the responsibility to go directly to God and partner with him in his work anywhere and everywhere. I have to pull out of my little prayer world–just praying for those things that trouble me throughout the day–and realize the awesome power I have as a child of God, a prince, to bring his goodness into this chaotic and rebellious world.

This means I need to take your mom’s hand and direct us to pray over those things that come to our attention with resolve. We may never see the result of this in our lifetime. But then, this lifetime is short. Our involvement with God’s plans will likely be revealed to us in the new heavens and the new earth. And then, we’ll be doing some greater form of prayer.