The Concealed Carry Skill Builder | Church Security Track



9am to 5pm

Leadington, MO

 * Blended self-study and
Live-training intensive
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Andre and Angela Ong
chief range safety officers
certified NRA instructors
in Rifle, Pistol, shotgun, and CCW

Contact us:
Andre Ong: 636-206-8640
Angela Ong: 636-896-5060



No matter how good you think you are it is always helpful to learn from experts and other people attending the course. Additionally everyone could use more practical draw practice.  This course actually gives you the information, knowledge, skill and confidence to carry safely.  Andre and Angela are obviously well trained and have many years experience. Excellent course and excellent instruction.

Scott A.

Course of Study

Church Security modules

  • Firearms Safety as a Tactical Basis
  • Sensory Integration
  • Managing Stress, Distraction, and Interference
  • Holster Skills
    • Safely Carrying Your Pistol, including Holster and Off-Body Options
    • Skillful Draw-to-First-Shot
    • Safely Reholstering
  • How to Develop a Rapid Draw-to-First-Shot
  • Structure: Consistent Grip and Support of your Firearm
  • Rapidly Clearing Malfunctions
  • Situational Awareness in a Church Environment
    • Establishing a Baseline
    • Recognizing Anomalies
    • Decisive Courses of Action
    • Efficient Team Communication
  • Controlled Targeting while Moving
  • Efficient Target Acquisition
  • Sight Picture and Sight Alignment
  • Developing a Personal Standard Operating Procedure
  • Ample Dry Practice Using Simulation Technology
  • Live Fire Practice

Our students are resolved to responsibly, confidently and effectively carry a firearm for daily protection.   That requires the ability to conceal their firearm on their person and the ability to quickly and effectively employ that firearm in the face of a deadly threat.

Called to Defend

The Church Security track of our Concealed Carry Course offers training specifically tailored for the faithful men and women who volunteer to protect and defend their church so that all may worship freely.

We believe that a responsible citizen with a gun should develop his or her skill and technique with a pistol and holster.

Our Concealed Carry Skill Builder Course involves methodical training, dry practice and live fire to maximize speed and accuracy when drawing, presenting, and shooting from the holster as well as safe reholstering.  Additionally, the focus on church security develops the capability to rapidly and accurately stop a potential violent threat on the body of the church.

Prepared to Defend | Concealed Carry Permit Modules

Whether you are an experienced shooter, or brand new to pistols, you’ll develop basic skills to make life-saving decisions under stress and place shots on target in a timely manner.

We offer the prescribed education for those who intend to complete this course for their Concealed Carry Permit, but go beyond the requirements to build vital skills, techniques, and procedures to defend yourself, your family, and your church.

Completion of Self-Study portion required prior to date of class.  Students for the Concealed Carry Permit receive additional self-study education.

We make our discussion of Missouri Law for Concealed Carry Permit Holders as practical as possible.  Rather than simply review the statutes, we help our students develop their personal Mission, Rules of Engagement, Priority of Life, and Situational Awareness.  You’ll have an understanding of how to observe your surroundings, make critical decisions, handle confrontations, and get home to your family while avoiding physical harm, social distress, psychological trauma, financial loss, and a plague of lawsuits.

Classroom instruction provided in Leadington, MO.  Shooting qualification will be at Ozark Thunder indoor range.  Graduates Receive Our Certification of Holster Skills.

Additional information provided via email once registered.

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 Concealed Carry Permit
Additional Self-Study Modules
(if needed, no Additional cost)

  • Firearms Safety as a Tactical Basis
  • Missouri Concealed Carry Permit Process and Procedures
  • Missouri Firearms Laws
  • Use of Force and Law Enforcement Interaction
  • Elements of a Self-Defense Case
  • Carry Modes
  • Concealment Methods and Mechanics
  • Defensive Mindset
  • Firearms Proficiency
  • Documenting Training for Your Protection

Andre and Angela are excellent instructors. Their qualifications and accomplishments to teach and instruct are amazing. I have benefitted in proper stance to draw and engage a threat. Proper follow up after taking a shot. How to clear malfunctions that may happen with my firearm. The emphasis of standard operating procedure.

The price of the course may seem a little high but you will absolutely get your moneys worth. You can expect one on one instruction if they see you need it in a kind and friendly way. They go beyond the best and appropriate way to teach and instruct their courses.

Paul M.

Class is limited to Twelve Students.  Register Using the Form Below.