NRA Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) Class

December 16, 2023

9am to 5pm

Leadington, MO

* 8 hours of in-depth training and skill building for only $125 *

Andre and Angela Ong are certified NRA instructors in Rifle, Pistol, and CCW.

Contact us:
Andre Ong: 636-206-8640
Angela Ong: 636-896-5060



Course of Study

  • Firearms Safety

  • Missouri CCW Process and Procedures

  • Missouri Firearms Laws

  • Use of Force and Law Enforcement Interaction

  • Concealed Carry Equipment

  • Defensive Mindset

  • Firearms Proficiency

  • Efficient Target Acquisition

  • Sight Picture and Sight Alignment

  • Holster Skills

    • Safely Carrying Your Pistol, including Holster and Off-Body Options

    • Skillful Draw-to-First-Shot Skills

    • Safely Reholstering

Whether you are an experienced shooter, or brand new to pistols, you’ll develop basic skills to make life-saving decisions under stress and place shots on target in a timely manner.

Classroom instruction provided in Leadington, MO.  Shooting qualification will be at Ozark Thunder indoor range.

Additional information provided via email once you’re registered.