Author: Show Me Liberty

A Joy Filled Life | June 19, 2024

The good and the bad happen *at the same time.* Biblical thinking “takes thoughts captive” and focuses attention on the good in the midst of the bad. The feasting table God has set before us in the midst of our enemies should be our focus. It should be *my* focus.

Spiritual maturity, and spiritual preparedness, I’ve discovered, demands a heart filled with joy because the mind is set on the evidences of God’s grace. This means that preparing for tougher times is first an exercise in mentally focusing on the goodness God continually brings to us, his children. Otherwise, spiritually and then physically, we have no resilience in the truly trying times.

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Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness Learn to detect and avoid threats without becoming paranoid Overview   Situational Awareness is the art and skill of recognizing potential threats in your surroundings, making rapid decisions to avoid,...

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Life Goes On | May 28, 2024

Going over the news reports, which admittedly are primarily from major sources (S2 Underground uses major sources to avoid dealing with objections and arguments questioning the validity of their reporting), eventually I got to the point of “it’s just more of the same.”

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