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-International Events-

Canada: A judge has ruled that Canada’s state-sponsored euthanasia program can be applied to individuals without a debilitating illness. Last Thursday, a judge ruled that a healthy 27-year-old woman can participate in Canada’s euthanasia program. AC: The individual’s father has so far unsuccessfully attempted to convince the court that his daughter is not of sound mind, and is therefore unable to make decisions for herself. Even the judge himself noted that the woman “has not provided ANY evidence…(to justify her actions)…nor has she identified her medical condition or provided information concerning her symptoms and how they cause her to suffer”. However, despite the judge’s own words, the regulations already set in law, and legal precedent on the case, the judge approved the woman’s request to take part in Canada’s state-sponsored euthanasia program.


Tennessee: An arson incident occurred at the Global Vision Bible Church in Wilson County at around 6:00 am Easter Sunday. A metal trailer filled with Holy Bibles was set on fire outside the front entrance of the church. Local authorities confirm the incident was intentional, and an investigation is underway.

New York: A Five-Alarm fire broke out at the Our Lady of the Rosary of Pompeii Church in Brooklyn. The fire broke out during Easter Mass, and mostly consumed the Rectory.


Analyst Comments: Prior to the judgement in Canada, Canada’s national euthanasia program applied to those with terminal illnesses, diseases, or disabilities. The program began in 2016, and has steadily been applied to increasing demographics of people. In February the planned expansion of the program to include persons suffering only from a mental illness was paused, due to the healthcare system not being able to handle the increased administrative burden to process the expected volume of euthanasia victims at the current time. It is not immediately clear as to how this recent judgement will apply to the program; at face value this is a de factor expansion of the program, quietly implemented as legal precedent so as to give the appearance that the program’s expansion has been halted. In 2022, over 13,000 Canadians were euthanized under this program, a 31.2% increase from the previous year.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

*Sigh*. The darkness in Canada grows. When people simply give up on life, and the government facilitates despondency and surrender rather than encouragement and perseverance, the nation becomes a people of despair. It’s like that country’s color has faded to a dismal gray, much like Kansas before Dorothy gets to the Land of Oz.

America is more like a pot of turmoil in comparison. People are passionate, but mostly about silly things or wrong things. I prefer the turmoil to a quiet desperation. I prefer striving and competing and even arguing and fighting to complacency.

John said that the light shines in the darkness, but the darkness does not comprehend it. I pray for comprehension. I pray for true enlightenment.

Today, Angela pointed me to a great message from Driscoll for men to understand leadership. I recognize my tendency to opt for avoidance, complacency, status quo. Where in your life has complacency or “I give up” crept in? Identify those places and take action. One small change can make all the difference. I’ll link the sermon.

How can we be praying for you all this week?