Situational Awareness

Learn to detect and avoid threats without becoming paranoid



Situational Awareness is the art and skill of recognizing potential threats in your surroundings, making rapid decisions to avoid, deter, or confront the threat, and continue about your life with the least possible consequence.

Based on real-life evidence and the Marine Corps Hunter Program, our class utilizes principles anybody can learn to protect themselves and their families anywhere they go.

The class is non-confrontational, interactive, and memorable.

We use real-life video to practice skills and provide a forum to discuss specific situations.

We want you to stay “left of bang”– taking life-protecting  actions that keep you from facing a threatening situation as much as possible.




What You’ll Learn

  • How to build a baseline for any context
  • Indicators that, once you know them, will cue you to make a decision
  • What you DON’T have to watch out for
  • How to be aware naturally while remaining present with your family
  • Quick decision-making
  • What to do when you’re “ambushed”

Who it’s for


Some people unwittingly make themselves easy targets.  This class is for everybody to learn how to reduce the likelihood of being targeted by bad actors.

church security/critical incident teams

We conduct a focused version of this course for pastors, staff, and church critical incident teams (CIT) to not only recognize threats in the church, but to distinguish those who may need an extra dose of understanding and Christ’s love.  Taught from the perspective of a military chaplain and CIT trainer, we emphasize skills (including “spiritual skills”) for distinguishing an imminent threat that must be confronted from a divine appointment for ministry.

field professionals

With a background in the real estate industry, we recognize how often professionals who make house calls, meet at local businesses, or otherwise spend their days in the community can find themselves in a dangerous situation.  We teach particular skills for being aware of your surroundings while remaining focused on your work, and how to stay secure as you continue doing business well.


Next Class

We plan to offer this class next in August, 2024.

Details to follow.

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This class may be offered live, online, or in a blended format.



  • Youth welcome
  • Family discount available

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding our classes call andre at (636) 206-8640