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//The Wire//2100Z February 29, 2024//




-International Events-

Red Sea/HOA: The M/V RUBYMAR continues to sink as Houthi forces maintain some level of security or territorial influence around the stricken vessel. Recent open-source satellite imagery indicates that the vessel has been drifting for several days, despite the crew reporting to have dropped the starboard anchor prior to abandoning ship.


Texas: An extremely large wildfire has impacted residents in the panhandle following weather conditions that have drastically increased fire activity. Overnight, the Smokehouse Creek Fire grew to over 1 million acres in size, officially becoming the largest recorded wildfire in Texas history. As of this morning, the fire is only 3% contained.


Analyst Comments: If the RUBYMAR is dragging her anchor, it is possible that this is the cause of the recently reported damage to undersea communications cables in the region. As the exact location of submarine cables is a closely guarded secret due to security reasons, it’s not possible to confirm this with open-source methods yet. The M/V RUBYMAR is also not emitting public AIS tracking data, so verifying her position requires manual verification via satellite imagery. This morning’s Sentinel 2a pass indicated that she has drifted approximately 50 NM from her last imagery-confirmed position on Feb 24. However, substantial cloud coverage over the target area this morning greatly inhibits confirmation of her exact position.

Analyst: S2A1


Spiritual Preparedness Comments

I don’t have much to say about the update today. Pray for order. Pray for those threatened by the fire in Texas. It’s the largest in history in Texas, which recalls the warning of birth pangs in the last of the last days. Observe these things and pray for God’s protection over his people and those willing to fight the fire, and salvation for others.  

God worked fervently through Angela to bring much needed conviction to me today. In the end, I realized how much I rely on my perceived competency to navigate life and relationships. 

 The truth is, bankruptcy is the pre-requisite for bringing God’s grace, love, truth, and beauty to anybody. I have nothing in and of myself, regardless of education, training, learning, experience, history–that is of value if it is not first contextualized in the wisdom and movement of Holy Spirit. If any of that is to be of use, it must be by Holy Spirit’s prompting.

1Tim 6:7 says we brought nothing into this world and take nothing out. I think that refers to all things physical, intellectual, and even spiritual. As an empty vessel, we can provide fresh water to others. Filled with my own notions, ideas, and instruction, I can bring only dross.